Friday, January 18, 2008


Many of us found sealed envelopes in our office mail boxes today. Inside we found new anti-union propaganda from the "Typewriter." The new lit piece (which we will post on our blog shortly) belittled and mocked a Union Organizer job posting. The propagandist scornfully highlighted passages in the job description and added typewritten comments about her selections. The anonymous memo sarcastically asked us, "HAVE YOU RECEIVED YOUR "HOUSE VISIT" YET? DO YOU LIKE BEING "SCOUTED" AND "TARGETED?" IS THE PROFIT FROM YOUR DUES REALLY THIS IMPORTANT?"


We will continue our house visits this weekend. OFF the taxpayers' dime. Meanwhile the Swanson loyalty pledge petition continues to be (boldly) circulated during business hours.


Anonymous said...

I find the attack on the union "tactics" particularly interesting. How many people were approached during work hours prior to the last election, and asked to stuff envelopes, post lawn signs, or even *gasp* "target" potential voters through door knocking for Mike Hatch and Lori Swanson?!

Anonymous said...

Or blog for your boss at the "request" of Mike Hatch during work hours, or
work on a phony United Healthcare investigation whose sole purpose was to put a cloud over the head of Lois Quam and her husband. What a horrendous misuse of the Attorney General's authority and state taxpayer resources!