Friday, March 7, 2008

MPR, MinnPost Cover AG Story


Jennifer Service said...

As one of the 50 attorneys who left the AG's office within the last year, I'm sorry I never got a chance to work with Amy Lawler. I applaud her bravery and her integrity.

Anonymous said...

Amen, and also to Dan Goldberg & Susan Damon for signing their names to the letter. The press has been handicapped in the past in reporting on this story because no one was willing to go on the record to expose what has been happening since Hatch was first elected.

It is astonishing that the Star Tribune hasn't followed up on MPR's excellent story.

Anonymous said...

An interesting angle to the story would be the amount Lori's union busting activities is costing the tax payers. How much was paid to the retired judges during the day of balloting? What is it costing the state for staffers to collect signatures for a loyalty petition or to take new attorneys out for coffee to union bash? How much was paid to the outside counsel Lori sought advice from when the movement first started?

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Amy, Dan and Susan. I hope they land on their feet.

I interviewed for an Assistant AG spot last summer (with Karen Olson), and was surprised with the level of hostility from Ms. Olson in the interview. It makes sense now, in that I had listed labor law experience on my resume. I didn't put two and two together until the story about Ms. Lawler on MPR this past week.

Frankly, however, I find it more troubling that the AG is allegedly seeking out litigation targets in order to get her name in the news. I hope that aspect, at least, is investigated thoroughly.