Thursday, November 8, 2007

Anonymous Memo to "Mr. Anonymous"

There are reports that an anonymous memo found its way into the AG Office early this morning. The anonymous, typewritten note lambastes the anonymous nature of the organizing effort while directing procedural questions and accusations to the groups' leadership.

We will do our best to post the actual note later today. And we thank (whoever) you (are) for the opportunity to answer these pertinent questions.

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Anonymous said...

The flyer distributed within the office today mocks the fact that the people who want to stimulate a conversation about how to improve the working environment of the office of the attorney general (and thereby advance the mission and vision of Lori Swanson to serve Minnesota citizens) must do so under cover of anonymity.

This effort was started by professional employees of the Attorney General's Office and NOT any outside person, including any union official. This blog is not communication from a union. It is grassroots - people you rub elbows with in the elevator. The objective was to maintain the integrity of the office (remember the involuntary blogging that happened last April?), to obtain fair treatment of employees, including equitable compensation (there are many people who are not being paid what they should be), and to allow professionals to have a voice within the office to improve efficiency, quality work, innovation, new potential avenues of service and responsiveness, or outreach, enforcement priorities, professional education. Lori Swanson's management style is similar to that of her mentor and only boss. It does not permit or welcome feedback. And let's openly acknowledge that General Swanson is painfully uncomfortable with human interaction in any context, and is not an approachable or modern leader.

The AGO's management philosophy is so retro it belongs in a museum under a layer of dust. There is no interoffice committee, there is no receptive manager to speak to, and if one were to raise an issue openly within the office, most employees believe that they will be FIRED! Don't you GET IT oh anonymous author of the Mr. Anonymous memo?

But let's not kid around. The last line reveals your identity. There is only one person who thought (foolishly) that an outside person had something to do with the organizing effort. That person could never grasp the notion that the management posture was counter productive to the very objectives that person wanted to achieve. That person was in the building this morning at 8 am.