Friday, November 9, 2007

The Anonymous Typewritten Note

As noted below, this anonymous memo found its way into the AG's Office yesterday morning. The anonymous, typewritten note lambastes the anonymous nature of the organizing effort while directing questions and accusations toward the groups' leadership.

Click to enlarge to a readable size. And yes, number 10 really does say: "Mr. Anonymous: Is your name sometime (sic) known as Entenza?"

A response to this note will be posted later this evening.


Anonymous said...

Why hasn't anyone (read: the media, the unions, the DFL party, heck even the Republicans!) challenged Lori Swanson to explain her apparent flip-flop when it comes to her support of the rights of workers to organize? What is she so scared of? Oh, right, that her employees might actually have a voice.

Anonymous said...

This is just so Mike. He is energized by conflict, doesn't care about actual facts, and still thinks the office is his. Mike and Lori have always thought they were the smartest guys in the room, and that the staff was dumb enough to be intimidated by scare tactics just like this. The time for fear mongering and juvenile pranks is over. It's time to have a rational discussion about the way the office runs.

Anonymous said...

He really ought to lay off the sauce. The last comment could only be made by someone whose brain was pickled.

Why in the world would Lori permit him to be involved in quashing the organizing effort? She still cannot say NO or GET LOST to this man.